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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits of Jay #2As you know from the first chapter,jay and his dad had been having sex for
some time now and as we left the story,his mom was gone for the day and his
dad was working a day of overtime.
His dad had done exactly what he had told Jay not to do,he had told
Wayne,his god father about there having sex.It was just after lunch when there was a knock on the door,Jay answered it
and Wayne was standing there smiling at him.
"Hi little man,hows my man doing,huh?"He said,picking him up like he was a
rag doll,kissing him as he always did."I'm fine,dad and mom are gone for the day,guess it's just me."I
Wayne was a big man,as most of the men my dad worked with were,all being of
Greek dissent,I felt like a dewarf next to him.
"Fine,it's you I came to see anyway boy."He said,hugging me again.I fixed him a glass of wine and we sat at the kitchen table.
"Don't make me drink alome boy,it's not proper,here,you have one with
me,"He said as he pored me a small glass also.
Dad let me have some now and then,but not often,I had trouble holding it.We taled and joked and Wayne laughed a lot as he always did.patting my
cheek,or squeezing my thigh.
As he finished his third glass of wine,he wioed his mouth,pushed his sock
cap back on his head and said,"Come over her boy."Getting up,I stood beside him,my arm around his neck,smiling at him.
He looked into my eyes as I felt his hand squeezing the cheek of my ass,as
he kissed me.
"Your dad tells me you and him have something going,you like doing that
with your dad?"I stared at him,not knowing what to say,stuned by the fact that my dad had
told him.
"It's ok boy,it' our little secret."He said,lifting me up on his lap,his
arms hugging me tight.I could feel a hard lump under my ass and knew it was his cock,it felt huge
as it poked at my ass.
"You like dads big cock up ass pretty boy?"He said.his big hand masaging my
boy dick as he smoiled at me,showering my face with wet kisses."Your daddy tell Wayne how you take his big dick and get him all excited
sweet boy."He said.
"Come,stand up,Wayne show you his dick,see if you like it."
He stood me on my feet as he umdone his belt and pants sliding them down
,his cock springing up like it was alive.Jay gasped,it was much bigger then his dads,a lot bigger.
"Take hold of it boy,feel how hard Wayne is."He said.
Sweat was running down the crack of my ass now,my mouth was dry as I took
hold of his monster.My hand would lolita gallery info lol not go around it,it was so thick."Get those clothes off Jay,I get some grease."He said.
My word!Jay thought,he's planning on putting that thing in me,it'll split
my ass open!
He had stripped his clothes off and stood there naked, as Wayne turned
around,holding a small can of crisco."Uuummppp!"he said,as he saw Jays naked body,his nice little ass poked out
below his back.
You are beautiful boy,beautiful!"
With one arm,he encircled my waist,laying me over his lap as his fingers
worked crisco up my ass,dipping all the way up to his top knuckles.He
worked them around inside as my dad had done,stretching me open.After wiping his hands,he lifted me,turning me around,holding me in mid air
as he eyed his cock,aiming it between my cheeks,the head slipping between
them,pressing against my greased hole.
The it was stretching me open as he sat me down slowly.I was gasping,gritting my teeth as my ass felt like it was being torn
open,burning and stinging at the same time.
My belly jerked in and out each time I gasped and wrapped my arms around
Wayne in a bear hug,drool running from my mouth preteen nn models lolita as I fought back the
tears,greek boys don't cry.Then I was comletely impaled on his huge cock,still gasping as the pain
began to subside slowly.
His muscled arms were wrapped around me as his lips found mine,his beard
pressed against my face"you done good boy,most women find that hard to do,you done real good."He
He would hunch slightly now and then,letting me feel the knob of his cock
working to get photo lolli nn models into the second stretch of my colon.
When it did,my ass flatened aginst his thighs as I held onto his neck."Hang on to my preteen nn models lolita neck boy."He said,as he stood up,taking my legs and wrapping
them around him.
He placed his hands on each side of my waist,lifting me up,then down
slowly,his cock making love to the walls of my colon.He walked around the kitchen that way,me wrapped around his body as he
thrust is cock in and out of my ass.
"Good pussy boy,real good pussy."He said,then began kissing me again.
"Your making ole Wayne a very happy man."After a time,he carried me to the living room,lay us on the floor and began
to really pour the cock to me now,it still hurt,but my ass was getting used
to his big dick now.
"I'm gonna love fucking you boy,gonna fuck your ass off all the time."He
said,panting now.Then he was standing again,holding my waist pounding my ass down on his
cock faster and faster now.
"Gonna come boy!"The he rattled off somethin in greek as I felt his body
shaking and warm cum blasting up my ass hole.When he was finished,he lifted me from his cock and lay me flat on the
table,then taking a wet cloth,swabbed my sore ass free of crisco.
He surprised me when he began sucking on my ass,pushing his tongue
inside,licking and sucking more till he had his cream.I was to try that one
day,and learned to love it,I found the taste of cum very satisfing.Fater drying my ass,he turned me,then went down on my swollen cock,sucking
till I shot my young wad of cream,it was all most virgin,because I had only
done that a few times now.
He loved it and slurped it up,licking his lips.Before he left,he slipped a best lolita boys sites
twenty dollar bill in my hand,kissed me,and
said,"Till next time pretty boy.",then he was gone.
I ran a hot tub of weater and sat in in till became cold before getting
out,my ass felt better after that.When I took a marrior and looked back at it,it looked as though a ball bat
had been in there,but you know what?
I loved it..............More to come,if you liked the first
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